Point of Interest

Actual release: January 2024

I frequently publish Points of Interest in Garmin POI file format – listing motorcycle dealers for
BMW, KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Yamaha.
Recently also Suzuki and CF-Moto.

Motorcycle Dealers

Motorcycle Dealer as Garmin POI List

Mountain Passes

To plan exciting routes, I pulled mountain passes from OSM (motorway,trunk,primary,secondary,tertiary roads).
All countries covered by the Gravelmaps.de are reflected.
Being appr. 4200 waypoints its a remarkable amount.

I provide them in two formats:

Installing Points of Interest

  • Simply copy the POI file (e.g. KTM-Dealer-POI.gpi) to the \garmin\POI directory of your Garmin GPS memory card.
    Avoid installing to the Garmin device itself.
  • If the directory doesn’t exist, create it.
  • You can store as many POI files in the directory as you want.

Locating a Point of Interest

In my Garmin Montana 680 I’m searching for Points of Interest (POI) –> Where to?–> Extras–> Yamaha-All

Point of Interests for Android

There are Points of Interest in KML format specially prepared for the use with OruxMaps! 
Have a look here:

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