Actual Maps release: July 2024

Oruxmaps is an excellent navigation app for Android. It can use maps in Garmin format – so the maps from Gravel Maps can be used.
To improve readability, I have developed a special layout for use with Android and Oruxmaps. As a result, motorcycle dealer, for example, are no longer displayed on the map. However, you can easily download them here as waypoints in KML format and display them as an overlay in Oruxmaps (or Organic.maps)

Please note: These maps have been specially developed for use with Oruxmaps. Use with Garmin devices is not recommended!
To plan your routes, continue to use the normal maps and Basecamp.

Everything you need to ride the Assietta or the Ligurian border ridge road.

For details on geographical coverage, please refer to:

Points of Interest (POI)

Points of Interest in KML format specially prepared for the use with OruxMaps! 
Download the file, unzip it and copy a selection of what you need to a folder in your mobile.

For all countries that gravelmaps cover, within the KML POI package you find :

  • Motorcycle Dealer: BMW, CFMOTO, Honda, Husqvarna, KTM, Suzuki, Yamaha
  • Motorcycle shops which can be anything: Repair, Sales, Motorcycles, Tires or Gear.
  • Lodging facilities: Alpine-Hut, Apartment, Campground, Caravan-Sites, Guest-House, Hotel, Hostel, Motel
  • Fuel Services: Gas-Stations and LPG Gas Stations.


Amongst the folder structure, within the ZIP file, you will find more ZIP files. These group all points of a certain topic (Camping, Dealer etc) of every GEO and country. This provides you an alternative use.

NB: You may use these points in organic.maps as well. The main difference to oruxmaps is, that instead of icons, pins will be shown.

The POIs are organized in a tree structure

This makes it simple to use: Within Oruxmaps, from overlays, choose the folder with the country-name where you are, select the KML POI file you’re interested in and activate it. All respective points will be shown on your display.

Installing the map and POIs

Details on the installation of maps, the Oruxmaps settings and the handling of GPX tracks, waypoints and POIs can be found in a separate section on the website.

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