Instructions for Windows users

You have two options: Either use the installer to install the maps in a traditional way or use the modern Garmin GMAP format.

Windows Installer

Just double click and follow the instructions.

GMAP Format

  • Unpack zip file and move the Central.gmap folder to the default Garmin map folder. „Central“ is used as a placeholder and should be changed for the other regions.
  • An easy way to install the map is by using Javawa GMTK:
    See little video instruction:
  • The manual way how to install the GMAP version:
    • The location of this default folder depends on the Windows version.
    • C:\ProgramData\GARMIN\Maps This is the standard for newer PCs running Windows 7 / 10. If you read this website on your PC, you may copy & paste following:
      into an empty Browser window command line to check if your PC’s folder holds some installed Garmin maps already.
      Either the Windows File Explorer opens, or a window like this should appear in your browser:
    • C:\Users\{user}\AppData\Roaming\GARMIN\Maps (hidden folder!)
    • c:\documents and settings\all users\application data\garmin\maps (Win XP)
    • You can also put the map on another folder or drive, make a shortcut and place that shortcut in one of the folders above.

Instructions for Mac OSX users

  • Make sure Garmin Basecamp is installed and closed;
  • Also MapInstall and MapManager for the Mac must be installed.
  • Unpack the zip file.
  • Double-click on the Central.gmap folder to run Garmins Mapmanager or start Garmin Mapmanager and find the Central.gmap folder to install it. Central“ is used as a placeholder and should be changed for the other regions.

Garmin IMG Maps

Ready to use images are provided for your Garmin. Simply copy them to your Garmin’s SD card into folder \Garmin. Never copy to the device itself!

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