The Gravel Maps are specially designed for offroad riding. Getting to and from your destination needs different routing parameters as well as other items you want to see while riding – so you need street specific maps.

Actual Maps release: 05 January 2021
Next Update will be available by early April 2021

Due to the size of the maps, all download links point to my Cloud Drive Hoster “Strato”. There you can make your individual selection – and download exactly what you want.

All maps are provided in 3 versions. All street maps are straight foreward and don’t include height (DEM) data. For that, they are small and fast in your Garmin device.

  1. Region.EXE – Windows Installer.
  2. Region.IMG  – ready for your Garmin Device. 
  3. Region.GMAP – MAC or Windows. New Garmin installation method. Follow installation instructions from this website.

Substitue “Region” with Central, West, Nordics aso..

Street Maps

Covers: Germany; Alsace; Franche-Comte; Lorraine; Austria; Switzerland; Liechtenstein; Belgium; Luxembourg; Netherlands.


Covers: Poland, Czeck Republic, Slovakia, Belarus, Ukraine.


South East
Covers: Albania; Bosnia-Herzegovina; Bulgaria; Croatia; Hungary; Kosovo; Macedonia; Montenegro; Romania; Serbia; Slovenia; Greece; Austria; Switzerland; Liechtenstein; Italy incl. San Marino. France Rhone-Alps.


Covers: France; Spain; Portugal; Monaco; Andorra.


UK and Ireland
Covers: Great Britain; Ireland; Isle of Man.


Nordic countries
Covers: Denmark; Sweden; Norway; Finland; Estonia; Latvia; Lithuania; Iceland.



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