The Garmin IMG maps by default show a wider layout than what you see in Basecamp. This is done to have a better „readability“ matching the needs of a large (PC) or small (Garmin device) display. In case you install only individual tiles using MapInstall (Basecamp) or Mapsource, the thin line layout will apply to your new Garmin IMG map (gmapsupp.img). If you want to change the layout in your Garmin device, I provide a small tool:

Change the layout of your Garmins IMG.


  • Unzip to a directory of your choice.
  • Keep all provided files in the same directory.
  • Drag and drop the gmapsupp.img on ReplaceTyp.cmd .
  • Select Thick or Thin lines.
  • Done.

Attention: Never drag & drop Garmin images from other sources – you will loose the original style and the map may no longer be working!

Garmin Wide Layout

Screenshot of the Garmin Montana 680 display.
Thick lines layout.
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