Actual Maps release: October 2022

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Here you get offroad maps for your next motorycle trail riding adventure. They are explicitly developed and compiled for your next enduro dirt road adventure using a Garmin GPS. All maps have been substantially redesigned so dirt tracks are identified precise.

What makes these maps so special?

There are many maps available to navigate your car or motorcycle on roads, but none for enduro offroad or trail riding. Riding adventure tracks like Trans Euro Trail (TET) or Adventure Country Tracks (ACT) you face a different need.

Why a special dirt road map?

None of the maps I had on hand did support my need of high contrast e.g. when navigating through forests. Often dirt roads or pathes are hard to recognize. On top I had the strong need being able to autoroute those dirt roads while avoid routing into hiking pathes or military areas.

What are the typical features of this map?

  • High contrast, in particular when fully zoomed in.
  • Good oversight when zooming out.
  • Routing on dirt roads while maintaining the ability to navigate connecting sections on the road. This only needs you to set your routing options in your GPS.
  • Planning dirt road adventures in advance is key. You may want to know if the track you plan to follow is asphalt, gravel, dirt or grass. That’s what you see on this maps immediately! Of course it depends on the quality of Openstreetmap data.
  • Supporting your ideas, the map includes 1″ digital elevation data (DEM). This is the best DEM data available for the public.
  • What does this mean, how can it support me?
    • The map is displayed in Mapsource or Basecamp with 3D shading and showing height data.
    • When planning a trip, knowing the height and incline of your route can be very essential. In Basecamp or Mapsource you can immediately see the actual height beneith your mousepointer.
    • Your planned routes & tracks include the height data.
  • Keeping the map clean, information of little interest is suppressed (e.g. Kindergarden, Hair dresser).
  • Certain information is of special interest for Enduro rider. These must be visible when you zoom out so to easy find it on the map:
    • Where to stay tonight: Hotels, Campgrounds.
    • Having problems: General motorcycle dealer, highlighting KTM, Husqvarna, Yamaha and BMW dealer.

What’s the price for the maps?

Here comes the next good message to you. The dirt road gravelmaps are free of charge. I’m using Openstreetmap data and I want to support this community!

And now: Download maps

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